Optin Form Is Not Important, Said No Blogger Ever

Have you ever been to a blog and suddenly there is a popup OptIn form on the screen where you are asked to fill out your mail id and other information in return for a small EBook or any gift

This is what we call a Lead magnet

Every website uses this trick to collect visitor data

This is why Opt-In form is very important, where in return for your personal information you get a small perk

A Win-Win situation for both the website owner and the subscriber

But if you have started Blogging and have begun your journey into the realm of Digital Marketing

And wondering how to create a popup that appears when your visitors enter your site?

Then you are in the right place

Today, I will give you a step by step guide on how to set up a popup opt-in campaign with EBook as a lead magnet


But, before we get into the process of building such forms, let’s first understand the importance of have such forms on your website


Why is Popup Optin Forms Important?

Approachable: Having Optin forms on your website makes it easy for your visitors to contact you, they do not need to go around and search your entire website for your contact details. A simple entry on the form can make them reach out to you and can help you deliver a quick response without wasting any time.

Security: Having contact details directly stated on your website can sometimes make it easy for spammers to reach out to you with offers that are irrelevant to you or your work. Having contact forms narrows down the reach of people to whom you want to connect and want to do business in the future.

Professionalism: any website which has Optin form; gives it a more professional look and makes the visitor experience richer. But make sure it is strategically placed and not just hovering around every possible space on your website.

Organized: having Optin form helps you organize your contacts, because with integration with other extension plugins your contact details are arranged professionally and easy to access at the time of need.

Conversion Tracking: Another importance is if you have optimized your page for conversion tracking, any visitor that puts his detail can be redirected to the page which helps you understand what type of audience is more active and engaging with your website. So in the future you can modify your content according to them and get more traction from your work.


How do I create an Optin form in WordPress?

There are a number of Plugins available which have made the work easy, just to list a few:

  • OptinMonster
  • NinjaForms
  • Bloom
  • Sumo
  • Thrive Leads
  • MailOptin
  • Contact Form 7

Regardless of what email marketing platform you choose, integrating the forms with WordPress always ends up being a pain.

Getting the form to display on the right page, integrating with mailing platforms, collating your leads, and designing the right form type can be a real pain.

If you aren’t especially technical and don’t know how to write code, it’s pretty common to struggle with building a list on your site.

If any of this sounds familiar then I think this might be the best page on the internet for you to read right now.

I recently got my hands on with MailOptin and Contact form 7, and this plugin aims to solve all these problems. It offers an incredibly comprehensive and flexible approach for list building, and it does it all within your WP dashboard.

Both of them have some paid features but, trust me by the end you will know even free version is good enough for a beginner

Now let’s take a closer look at this plugin and exactly how to use it on your site.


How to Setup your OptIn Forms?

Ø MailOptin Setup – Part 1

MailOptin Plugin


  • Go to Plugins section of your WordPress and install MailOptin Plugin and Activate it

Optin Forms


  • Once it is activated you’ll have a new top-level menu added to your WP Dashboard.
  • You’ll want to take a quick look through each of the four settings tabs to fill out some general info like your name and email.

MailOptin Setup


  • Now you need to integrate it with any email marketing platform of your choice so that the leads can be captured

MailOptin currently has 36 integrations including all the most popular email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Aweber, ConvertKit, Drip, Zoho, and Contact form 7.

Here’s the menu to give you a brief idea about all the possible options available

MailOptin Setup


For my Blog, I have selected Contact form 7 as I told you before I am looking for only free solutions available for beginners

Contact Form 7 is one of the most popular and oldest WordPress contact form plugins around. However, despite its popularity, many people struggle with how to set up Contact Form 7.

To fix that, I am going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to set up Contact Form 7.

We are going to cover below steps before we get back to our MailOptin setup

  • Install the Contact Form 7 plugin
  • Create a new form with Contact Form 7
  • Insert contact forms into your WordPress website


Ø Contact form 7 Setup

  1. Go to Plugins section of your WordPress and install the Contact Form 7 Plugin and Activate it

Contact Form 7 Plugin


  1. Once it’s activated, you can find the plugin’s functionality in the new Contact area of your WordPress dashboard.

Contact Form 7 Plugin Setup


  1. Click on Contact > Contact Forms.

Contact Form 7 Plugin Setup

Here you will see the central administration panel where you can manage multiple contact forms. You will also find the Contact Form 7’s default contact form, labeled Contact Form 1.

Contact Form 1 contains all the fields a basic contact form may need. This form is ready to use and can be inserted into any page and post of your website, if you wish.

Alternatively, you can create your contact form by selecting Contact > Add New.


Creating a new Optin Form

  1. Give your new contact form a name, and then scroll down to Form. Here you can edit the new contact form template. Your template defines the various fields that will appear on your form, as well as the labels that appear next to those fields.
  2. Add New Form. By default, Contact Form 7 adds several fields to new forms, including name, email, subject, message and send. More than likely, you will want to keep all of these fields.

Optin Form Setup

However, you may want to add extra fields, depending on your site’s needs. To do this, you can select the appropriate tag-generator button to generate the correct form-tag.


Ø EBook Campaign Setup:

In my case, I have only kept Email Id as a mandatory field to collect the leads and give EBook in return as a Lead magnet

  • For this click on Email function

Email Optin Form


  • The popup which will open the name will already be pre-filled in my case it is “email-599”
  • Fill the default value as “ your email” which people will see in the field tab in the placeholder
  • Click insert tag

Email Optin Form

  • Next, create a Submit button
  • Click on Submit function
  • Fill the label with “ Send me the EBook”
  • Click insert tag

Email Optin Form

And we have created our EBook Opt-in Form

  • Now there will be a shortcode generated on top
  • This needs to be kept saved as this we will paste in MailOptin to generate this form on MailOptin and collect our leads

ShortCode Optin Form


Now before we head over to MailOptin, let us also explore Mail tab and setup email which will be sent to people who will subscribe to our blog

In Mail 1, option there is nothing much to change as this will be the mail that will be sent to you once someone subscribes.

Scroll down to the Message Body section and add the extra form-tags that you generated for your form. This will ensure that when you receive an email via your OptIn form, it will display all the information you asked the sender to share

Email integration.

Select Mail 2 option; this is the mail which will be sent out to you subscribers once they opt-in

Here you can make changes with the Subject line and Body of the Email, basically draft a good email which you want to send out to your subscribers

Email integration Optin Form

One main step which you have to do here is adding the link to download your EBook which will be sent on mail.


Ø How to add EBook to your WordPress?

  • First Create an EBook,  It is very simple you can either use Word, Canva or any tool which suits you to make something valuable which your visitors will like
  • Upload it in the media section
  • Click on the EBook and there will be a link which will be generated; Copy it
  • Go to Pages Option in you WP
  • Create a New Page
  • Write “ Here” and open hyperlink option and paste your EBook link which we copied from the media gallery

EBook Setup for Optin Form Integration

  • Now go to the “text” tab and copy the HTML script which is generated

EBook Setup for Optin Form Integration

  • Go back to the Mail 2 tab in the Contact form 7
  • And paste the code in the mail body along with your mail script
  • And activate “Use HTML Content-Type”

EBook Setup for Optin Form Integration

  • Rest all the settings are very much visible you can copy it accordingly by replacing my email address with your email address.
  • Go ahead and have a look at other setting tabs but they are not to be changed as doing this much is more than enough to set up our EBook campaign


Ø MailOptin Setup – Part 2

  1. Create an email opt-in campaign

The next step is to create an “opt-in campaign” and this means choosing an opt-in form, customizing its design, and deciding when and where to display it.

Here’s a look at the opt-in template selection screen:

MailOptin Themes

  1. MailOptin Themes

There are few free themes available which you can choose as per your preference

When selecting a theme, you’re not just selecting the design. You’re also choosing the opt-in type.

  1. MailOptin Optin Types

There are five different opt-in types

Changing opt-in types changes how the form is displayed. For instance, a lightbox is a popup form that displays on top of the content on your site while a sidebar/widget opt-in will simply be added to your sidebar (or another widget area on your site).

For our EBook Popup select LightBox type

  1. Customize your opt-in form

Here you can make changes to Headline, description, and notes as it suits your campaign, you can check mine which is visible on my Popup.

MailOptin Configure

The main thing which you have to do here is, that we need to add Contact Form7 shortcode here in the Field section

  • Go to Fields>> Turn on Use Custom HTML > > paste your short code

This will pick the same form which we create on the Contact form 7 and will integrate it with MailOptin.

MailOptin Configure setup

  • Other than this one more setting which we need to change is to change Display rules for this.

Go to Display rules>> Turn On Globally show opt-in

Pop Up form Setup

This will again enable your opt-in form to be active on all your WP pages and posts

  • You can also exclude the pages where you don’t want it to be active.
  • Now click on save and activate your campaign
  • This will now enable the popup form to show up on all your pages


But we are not yet done there is one last step which needs to be executed

Any guesses??

What about your leads?

Where will they get stored?

Don’t worry there is an easy solution to the problem, we need to download Contact form 7 extension called Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7


Ø Installing Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7

Go to Plugins >> Add New >> Search Contact Form 7 Database Addon – CFDB7 >> Install >> Activate


And you know what is amazing

We do not need to do any setup now; it will automatically integrate with you Contact form 7

And now whatever leads come to your form through Optin form those will be captured in this extension and you can anytime download the list in CSV format


Once the form is activated, it will appear based on the display rules set previously. Everyone who subscribes will be added to your email list via the integration you selected, and all of the stats will begin recording.


Ø Final Showdown

Now to show you how it Works

I will go to my blog

Enter my email id on the popup form


And here we can see I have received the mail with my Free Ebook



Yayyy!! 😆


Conversion Optimized Optin Forms

You can also make your forms conversion-optimized, basically it means you can redirect the subscriber to the “Thank you” page, where you have your conversion tracking code installed and you can use this tool to retarget them later on when you want to upsell something.

As they are already aware of your brand, you can nurture them into your sales funnel and use the right strategy to gain maximum value out of every prospect.

For this again you need to download one more Contact form 7 extension; Redirect for Contact form 7


Once this is installed and activated, you need to go back to your form, and there you will find this new redirect tab.

Select the pages where you want to redirect your subscribers and click on save


And it’s done 💡

For my blog I have turned off the redirect as I do not want them to leave the blog, the only reason being I do not want to make them leave my blog so early and increase my bounce rate.

I hope this guide was very informative for beginners

It seems a bit lengthy but I have tried to make it as simple as possible and broke it down stepwise for more clarity

You need to follow all the steps as stated and you will see the results



An OptIn form is a vital part of any website. You now know how to set up Contact Form 7, and easily add and Optin form to your site.

And all for free.

In the future, you can add new functionality to your OptIn forms by taking advantage of the many third-party Contact Form 7 extensions listed at WordPress.org.

Overall, MailOptin is a very flexible and effective plugin for email marketing.

If you’re looking to build your list, give this plugin a shot.

What’s great about this approach is that each opt-in form can add subscribers to a different list. Each form could even add subscribers to multiple lists on multiple platforms if you wanted. This makes it easy to segment list building on your site.

Do let me know what you think about this free trick in the comments

And if you have any problem with setup do write in comments and I will try to reply to you ASAP!!

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